Lolita Eipprova

Lolita Eipprova Café & Patisserie is located on Eipprova street by the peaceful Gradaščica river and very close to the local sights Trnovo Bridge and Trnovo Church. 

Three white French doors at the entrance are a silent homage to Mr. Eipper’s French origin and also signify the Triiije office. 

The mix of creativity & hospitality and conceptual art & interior design give the place a unique concept. 

Making the best of what was already there led us when constructing the space. The exposed bricks in the ceiling were painted white, the raw floor was covered with epoxy and the walls are left raw and (only) seemingly unfinished.

It’s all a part of the story of Lolita Eipprova.

Sustainable approach is visible through the vintage coffee cups used to serve warm drinks in, and the re-used parquet and ceramic tiles on one wall.

Other walls are decorated with the art intervention “Lover’s Deal” by Jaša Mrevlje Pollak. 

The space plays with all your senses: see the art and all the secret interventions, touch the textures and the textiles, hear the discreet sounds of the music, the bar and the outside, smell the hot fresh coffee and taste the homemade ice-cream.

A sip of art. Lolita Eipprova offers the experience of enjoying art while having a sip of coffee. 

As a platform for various artists and the display of creativity, hand-made pottery is the first to be displayed on the unique floating shelves.

Lolita Eipprova is telling a story. The combination of the old and the new is visible and there to explore. 

Novello, d.o.o., partnership Triiije and Kaval Group
Project team
Maja Humar and Andrej Mercina, art intervention Jaša Mrevlje-Pollak
Miran Kambič, Taja Košir Popovič
Project name
Lolita Eipprova
Café and Patisserie