Andrej Mercina

"I’ve got this wild desire to create large dimensions and design the tiny little details, to dig around the wonderful things that make up people’s everyday lives and the excitingly abstract design of the future. Each person, each idea and each realization have its own guardian and its own time. As designers, we have an exceptional privilege to enjoy all the nuances of this diversity at once, day after day."

On the basis of more than 60 years of experience, the work of the architectural firm TRIIIJE represents a unique design synthesis of a contemporary spirit and traditional values. Led by the architect Andrej Mercina, the focus of the firm is all about architecture and design as creative forces of a responsible and well balanced creative design attitude, regardless of the scale, programme or financial background. The individual stories of our clients are a driving force behind our constant search for new, unique spatial identities.


Saša Beričič Vojska, Sara Miklavc Tomazin,

Renata Smrkolj, Maja Humar, Mojca Hribar,

Mojca Lebeničnik, Gašper Fabijan


Jagoda Jejčič, Primož Pavšič, Goran Raspor, Robert Jonathan Loher, Nina Juratovec, Pija Velkovrh,

Brina Vizjak, Laura Mercina, Urška Bertok, Nika Svetina,

Eva Štrukelj, Petar Vidanoski, Ksenija Intihar Šćulac, Maja Valič Laurence, Ami Kadribašić,
Nikola Vlahović, Špela Rogel, Matjaž Jamnik, Vanja Mihelič, Andrea Zupanc, Neža Karba,

Nada Kodela, Anwar Samara, Tamara Večić, Peter Došen

Vladimir Avramović, Urša Križman, Vita Marolt, Mateja Obid, Mojca Bek, Sandra Krausler, Jan Opeka



Branka Arnautović and Ilija Arnautović.

  • Branka

    Branka Arnautovic took over the practice in 1985, upgrading its professional focus in the field of interior design, and took it through a transformation that followed the grand political and economic changes in the vibrant times during and post Slovenian Independence. Today, she acts as the firm’s senior adviser.

  • Ilija

    Ilija Arnautovic started the architectural practice in 1952 and soon became one of the central figures of the post-war modernist era. Focusing on a constant development of residential schemes mostly combined with prefabricated construction systems, he laid a foundation for strong technical expertise as the cornerstone of architectural creativity.


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