TRIIIJE completed PRVA LIGA Adidas stores rebranding. 

NEWS: Bridge at Most na Soči

TRIIIJE selected to design the new bridge in the place of the old famous structure at Most na Soči


Pure, sometimes sharp tech appearance meets fine details of exposed old concrete prefabricated elements, soft wood details and a dynamic composition of added layers to the old structure.

Karl Lagerfeld Dubai Men's Store

The interior design of the KL store in Dubai. Black and white, white and black, Karl Lagerfeld and Lagerfeld, extreme limitations and creativity within all of these. Continuatioon of a long-term collaboration with one of the greatest fashion brands. 


A place where the round, creative meeting room becomes a “tree house”, positioned in the real tree crown; the freestanding round smoking room becomes the “black kitchen”, and the grand multipurpose space is called the “flying carpet”.

La Joie

Branding of a new hospitality operation based on central European bakery and bistro translated to Arabian context. Full sensorial experience based on visual appeal of the gentle urban hospitality style that invites to explore. See, smell and walk up to the sitting areas and taste. And do it one and one more time...


Collignum is a series of furniture items designed as part of a cross-border project of collaboration between Austrian and Slovene carpenters.


A good-old-days apartment, room after room after room, windows in strict rhythms as demanded by the modest early 20th-century façade, a different kind of functionality.

Prava ideja!

''Ustvariti nekaj več, neko drugačno, boljšo izkušnjo, ki kupca ali naročnika tudi osreči, je izziv, ki si ga postavi vsak uspešen podjetnik - in to, ne le dobiček, mora biti pravzaprav rdeča nit podjetništva. Arhitekt Andrej Mercina je tisti podjetnik, ki zna s svojim kreativnim delom zlesti pod kožo kot pravimo, njegova poslovna filozofija v ospredje postavlja odnose in ne oblikovanje tako kot bi pri arhitektu morda pričakovali.''

-Prava ideja!

Dobrna kindergarten

Structured as a pavilion, the building enhances the playful exploratory nature of children and provides the context for maximizing the strong ties between the interior and the natural surroundings even more important for the rural community.

Ilija Arnautovic, Socialism in Slovene Architecture

The book Ilija Arnautovic, Socialism in Slovene Architecture is a professional homage to my grandfather. An architect who focused entirely on residential architecture, produced an enormous oeuvre and kept quiet. The after-war modernist era created a specific climate and this climate produced specific architecture. One that was filled with beliefs directed towards a better world. Without being naive, it literally helped move the society. Without cynicism.

No bullshit, Gio

From the whole opus of Gio Ponti, there are two or maybe three designs that fascinate me to perfection. But actually, I love him more for that remaining 95 % of his work.