What we are most interested in is not the final design results, but the creative processes behind our projects. After all, this is what we spend most of our time on. It is a great privilege to be able to further enhance our work through some of our reflections and media reports about the personal views on the architectural profession, the contemporary architecture- and design-related issues, the business vision, art, life, society, people, and relationships ... and to share them with you.

  • No bullshit, Gio

    It all repeated at Jagoda's last present, a short monograph by the designer Gio Ponti.

  • Romance of café design

    Admiring the incredible variety of designs born from the partnership between design and hospitality, and at the same time enjoying the importance design is given in this relationship; one might find it hard to believe how everything about café culture started without almost a single thought on designing.  Or, more precisely, designing originality, uniqueness, individuality, if we borrow terms so often found in today's vocabulary related to design.

  • What Was It That Damjan Gale Saw

    Until recently, the shady and pleasantly cool Jakopič Gallery hosted a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the oeuvre of photographer Damjan Gale.

  • An Omani Fairy-Tale with WhatsApp in Three Colours

    I am spending my last few days in Muscat, the capital of Oman.