Bhise Residence

The contemporary Indian society with a dynamic coexistence of lively tradition and global presence, spiced up with great enthusiasm, gives a sparkling background to this family-villa concept in the outskirts of Pune, one of Indian new economic centres. In a location where extreme urbanisation is taking place, this is a calmed-down concept, fully respectful to Wastu, the traditional Indian spatial authority. It is all about learning from traditional wisdom and specific architectural motives, binding them together with contemporary architectural language and contemporary contrasts. Openness and privacy; intimacy in a house full of guests, contact with the natural surroundings, knowing that there might be a 15-floor apartment block standing right next to the villa in a couple of years...

The ground floor is fully occupied with spaces where the family and a constant flow of guests coexist, whereas higher levels are strictly private. The deep façade structure in combination with sliding wood panels provides the much-needed privacy; and the inner courtyard offers an intimate piece of nature with natural ventilation throughout the year; not even mentioning the waterbed and the vertical garden.

Project team
Andrej Mercina, Jan Opeka, Saša Vojska, Sara Miklavc Tomazin, Primož Pavšič
Shitesh Agrawal Architects, Pune
Project name
Bhise Residence
Pune, India
Under Construction