Eco Park Julyana

The design of one of the central features at the resort is driven by desire to syntesise the lightness of traditional tent structure and contemporary appeal of the program. 



One of the five towers that appear in the Julyana EcoPark Resort is by far the larges, most prominent and most intimate.

The outer apperance is all about massive tubulare wall, penetrated by V-shaped panels, seen all around the resort as the element that open the inclosed structure and discretly provide privacy.

One entering hammam experiences neccesary steps that provide the maximum experience: first one has to take the ride with the lift to the top floor and than step by step, as it more and more deeply enters the levels of hammam descends through three levels to finally reach large heated marble platform.



It is of great importance that the layout consived allowes growing of the program in size over the time. At the same time it is based on three standard and most simple structure elements: masive wall, aluminium or steel thruses and water and UV resistent canopy. 

The inclination of the roof allowes at list partial nature ventialation throught the rise of the hot air. Central tower allows free flow of the air as it is known already in the traditional arabic architecture with famous wind chimneys.

Due to the round structure, each piece of the structre can be enlarged or reduced as needed.



The grand entrance to the central pavilion is caracterised by two V-shaped walls, design element with most clear gesture of hospitality and invitation to the inner spaces. 

An element which is seen through out the resort in different situations and programes but with common inviting character.

Project team
Andrej Mercina, Urša Križman, Jan Opeka
Project name
Eco Park Julyana
Saudi Arabia
Family Resort