Hotel Bellevue

A creative collision of history and the present

for the future.

We create more and better experiences with more and better capacities ... and at the same time we do not override the old building and the natural environment.

We create unique Bellevue Bohinj experiences that are permanently impressed in memory. These are in the heart of the identity of the new whole!

We expose wood with a geographical origin as an important component of the identity of the whole and we use it local wood as an important component optimization of the financial construction.

All driveways are thus pushed to the southernmost edge and are powered by all the main services according to the comb system. Bus parking is provided on the westernmost edge of the land, right next to the access road.

... the new part of the hotel is completely elevated to the old building. on the roof of the new work a unique program is arranged, and the walk offers an experience that can be measured by the feeling of a hiker climbs to a rock shelf somewhere high in the mountains. A boundless view opens before him. standing on the quay above the valley. Now, as a standard offer, also in the new part of Bellevue! ...

Project team
Andrej Mercina, Saša Beričič Vojska, Renata Smrkolj, Sara Miklavc Tomazin, Jan Opeka, Urša Križman, Maja Humar, Vita Marolt, Vladimir Avramović, Peter Došen
2nd prize at the competition
Project name
Hotel Bellevue
Bohinj, Slovenia