Dobrna Kindergarten

The kindergarten is located in a beautiful park on the southern perimeter of Dobrna, a rural community famous for one of the oldest spa resorts in Europe. Structured as a pavilion, the building enhances the playful exploratory nature of children and provides the context for maximizing the strong ties between the interior and the natural surroundings even more important for the rural community. The pavilion-like concept of the building combines the feeling of freedom with cosy ambient qualities of interior covered with a large curvy roof pitch, interior green roofs on the rooms and a series of graphic design elements turning usually standardised motives into a series of unique details.

When finished, the takeover of the completed building was an experiment ... for a couple of days, the children were left without toys, left to discover the new kindergarten on their own, and what a joy it was!

Municipality of Dobrna
Project team
Andrej Mercina, Ksenija Intihar Šćulac, Goran Raspor, Jagoda Jejčič, Eva Štrukelj, Primož Pavšič
Miran Kambič
Project name
Dobrna Kindergarten
Dobrna, Slovenia