Gruden Embankment

The development of the river Ljubljanica embankments is a long-term project of the Municipality of Ljubljana. Individual development projects incorporate new bridges, paths, promenades, as well as park and pedestrian areas. The Prule and Gruden embankment is an area where the river becomes wider and where the nature of the environment transforms from a strictly urban one to a more

park-like one.

The focus of the design process was on subtle, soft developments that were supposed to bring new quality to the public space. The design with two rows of benches, one on top of the other, links the river area with the urban environment above it. At the same time its intensive greenery links the site to the nearby botanical garden. For this purpose planting fruit trees, native plants, bell flowers, etc.... was an essential part of the design. An innovative use of modern techniques allowed highlighting a genuine relationship with the greenery. 

Instead of reinforced concrete supporting walls, green reinforced earthen walls are the leading design element. In this manner, green cascades define the contours of the stairs, while hedges intertwine with the terrazzo.

After completion, the area immediately became one of the most popular places among the people of Ljubljana.

Municipality of Ljubljana
Project team
Andrej Mercina, Nika Svetina, Nina Juratovec, Ksenija Intihar
European Prize for Urban Public space 2012 (joint winners)
Jagoda Jejčič
Project name
Gruden Embankment
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Public space