Can we blend the things that look and feel in opposition to each other in a new coherent spatial entity, a vision of new sustainable, new collaborative? 

Let the creative force combine art, interior design and culinary in a harmony that embraces the common synthesis not separate statements, let it touch the layers of centuries old walls and floors with refined subtraction as well as the addition and let it create a true full sensorial experience.

Challening our own practise, we confronted ourselves with relativeness of beauty, standard boundaries of interior design practise and above all the commitment to create a warm, hospitable ambient. 

We minimized the hours in office and maximize the work on site, we let the artistic unrational, the old unpredictable and the design to be respectful. 

How can design practice maximize the spatial experience with minimizing material new interventions? 

With less than 30% of new materials used compared to the standard project, we created a spatial experience where one cannot separate the art installation by artist Jasa Mrevlje Pollak from interior design, ambient where time stopped and where the differences among us are fully nourished.

Even the beautiful porcelain coffee cups are not 100% new, many were brought from the flea markets and became the inevitable part of Makramé identity.

Novello, d.o.o., partnership Triiije and Kaval Group
Project team
Maja Humar and Andrej Mercina, art intervention Jaša Mrevlje-Pollak
Miran Kambič, Taja Košir Popovič
Project name
Café and Patisserie