National Bank of Rwanda Museum

In the National Bank of Rwanda's new building, you'll discover an engaging museum spanning two floors and covering an expansive area of 600 square meters. This captivating museum brings to life the scope and significance of money and banking, from the perspective of the historical past, the present day, and looking forward into the future.

Our vision was to craft an inviting, open space that seamlessly connects with the building's lobby. We wanted every visitor, even casual passers-by, to feel part of the museum's vibrant narrative. Through a transparent, open design we've opened up a visual, experiential window into the vibrant program inside.

From a design standpoint, we've strategically incorporated bays that combine a sense of openness that can at the same time provide privacy when required. This design allows for a variety of ways in which content can be presented, like classic exhibition panels, an auditorium, interactive displays, video-screening rooms, and even a children's corner on the ground floor. This way – like a system of interactive drawers – we've brought the material content as close as possible to the visitors.

This floor hosts content from both the present and the future. It features a great array of interactive elements, screens, video rooms, and plenty of opportunities for visitor engagement. The core concept of our design creates multiple exhibition areas, which makes it ideal for this type of presentation.

National Bank of Rwanda
Project team
Andrej Mercina, Mojca Pušnik
exhibition content: pbn; graphic identity: kabinet 01
Project name
National Bank of Rwanda Museum
Kigali, Rwanda
In progress