Orangerie at Ruska dača

The pavilion near the Russian dacha is designed to, on one hand, pay homage to the historic structure, to which it owes its existence, and simultaneously enhance the entire destination with a programmatic offering and unique accommodation units, providing a holistic, locally specific experience.


As a standalone structure – a pavilion in the green expanse of the garden – seamlessly operates both independently and in interdependence with events that occupy the entire destination.


Daily enjoyment in the shade of the garden, evening events, and major gatherings, including weddings, should all find their haven around and within the new structure. The building, designed to be distinctive yet flexible, caters to a wide range of activities.

The overall ambiance is essential. The feelings it evokes approach the sense of a 'safe, peaceful haven' right next to the capital city, resembling a resort, and perhaps even a place where time, at least flows differently, if not entirely stopping.

Ruska dača
Project team
Andrej Mercina, Renata Smrkolj
Project name
Orangerie at Ruska dača
Ljubljana, Slovenija
Concept design