Lolita Fraport

The third Lolita in line after Cankarjevo nabrežje and Eipprova is located at the arrivals gate of Ljubljana Airport and offers inside and outside seating for all weather conditions.

Travelling in style has never been so easy with the take away option on the whole selection. But we prefer you just sit down and enjoy your drink here in the beautiful surroundings of Lolita.

The long counter and the service area are covered in wooden shelving unit by the carpenter Žiga Kušar and decorated with the soft tones of graphic images by Maja Humar in the background.

The contrast between cargo box that landed in the middle of the airport and the refined graphic within it is an intentional contrast between the spatial context and the identity of the brand.

Sustainable elements: reused textiles, reduction of the amount of structural material used through OSB plates’ grid and as with every Nico Less made, there are approximately 70 plastic bottles saved from the environment, for the 42 Nico Less chairs at Lolita Fraport around 3000 plastic bottles were recycled and reused.

We’re proud that Nico Less Donar chairs are 100% recycled, but the Lolita touch can most fully be enjoyed at randomly positioned concrete benches dressed in textile cushioning.


You fly around, but Lolita is here to stay. 

Project team
Andrej Mercina, Maja Humar, Sandra Krausler, Mojca Lebeničnik
Miran Kambič
Project name
Lolita Fraport
Ljubljana Airport
Café, patisserie and bistro